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Any fairy tail pictures credit goes to Hiro Mashima

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Any picture you see yes I am a fan


Mavis Vermillion by Chearth
by Chearth

I love the fact that Mavis is chibi mode. Floating makes her look so graceful and like a goddess. Not only floating the water mark when...


( both in bed)

Ja : You cold?!?

Lili: Yes !!

Ja:   (  wraps arms around Lili's waist) I'm glad this child is mine (rubs Lili's stomach) 

Lili:  ( blushes)

Ja: This is are last night sleeping here together ,he must not know ,will you really be safe with your brother?!?

Lili: Of course , will you visit me!!?

Ja: When I am off work , and when he doesn't need me

Lili: I 'll be waiting then

Ja: I promise to visit , when I can

( both close eye and sleep)

( morning)

A.P:  ( rings doorbell)

Ja: Packed up?!?

Lili: Yup!!

A.P: Just make you get everything you need

Lili: I am off,I' ll miss you

Ja: Me too

A.P:    (Starts car )Let's go now!!

Lili: Bye !!- 

Ja:  ( pulls Lili. Close and kisses her) 

A.P:  ( mumbles) you wouldn't have done this if you didn't knock her up and her carrier....

Ja :  ( stops ) I' ll call you too

Lili: Yeah .....( walks away and get's on car)

( Car drives in the distance)

Ja :  Oh well ...( gets in house)back the way it was ( points gun out)
Who's there?!?

Mori :   ( limping steps towards Ja.) ....I need some help , I think I am immortal ....and there's a chance you will be too

Ja:  Why should I be ?! I don't want too

Ty:  Too bad you are , ( points gun at Ja.). Where's Lilirose she would love to be immortal too, my greatest curse is too spread it to others , so they suffer too

Ja: We broke up .... She said it isn't safe here

Ty: Good then , she wouldn't like to see you dead ( shoots Kal.5x in the back)
 ( Ja. falls  to floor)
Mori:  He won't regret the fat that he is immortal   ( both Ty. And Mori walk away)

( with Lili. In the car w/ A.P) 

Lili: Will you accept us if me and Jared get married?!?

A.P: You wouldn't want me to answer that, this escalated quickly, ow did you meet again?!

Lili: He saved me , I called the police from a kidnapping 

A.P : You where captured?!-

Lili: Yes , didn't they get my name

A. P: Rose?!?

Lili: I am sorry, it did escalated quickly 

A.P: As much as  I hate him , I am glad you are here with me....

Lili: You hate him....what did he do too you,that you hate him?!?

A.P: I say he cheated his way to the force, no way he can solve this mission

Lili: But he loves me!!!

A.P:  Do I look like I care?!?, and I know you we're in love with the wrong person. Tyler.....did he kiss you, sleep with you?!?

Lili: No,no,no , all of that was taken from Jared-

( A.P. stops car)

Lili: Ahhhh!!! ( hits head w/ front chair)

A.P: He took everything from you ,your virginity too?!?

Lili: I am sorry,careful when driving , I have  your niece or nephew

A.P: Sorry ,it just shocked me ....

Lili: We will get's his responsibility

A.P:   ( starts car again) let's just go home

Lili: Aster what is Evette too you?!?

A.P:  Don't start that ....I do but , I accidentally slept with her....

Lili: What?!?! how!?, When was this?!?

A.P: When she came back to report too me , I was blackmailing her 

Lili: What ?!?

A.P : When I need something she does it ,with no question...
And she then she said she loves me ...even more fun we had 

Lili: I want to get out, I am not -

A.P:  I won't touch you in that way ,EVER!!!

Lili:   ( gets out of car ) Huh?!

Evet: Hello! , Lilirose!!!

A.P.:  We are here anyway

( inside the house)(evening)

Lili: Yes, my own room

( w/ Evet. And A.P) 

A.P: I thank you for letting me bring back my sister as a reward...I will
Let you sleep,with me,again.....

Evet: ( touches herself) please just go-

A.P:   (enters Evet. From the front) You deserve all of me( thrusts more)

Evet:  ( looks at A.P) ah,ah ah,ah,ah,ah,ah,

A.P: Shit Evette your tightening!!!, oh ,shit the noises it's making

Evet:  Be more gentle ah,ah,ah,ah,oh Aster!!!

Lili:  ( covers her ears) I want to sleep,I want to sleep,I want to sleep

A.P: I am honored to do this!!! ( pulls Evet.closer and thrust faster)

Evet:  ( crying ) ahhhhh,more,more please....

A.P: Evette!!! ( both stop cums inside Evet.)  Be mine always....( falls in the middle of  Evet's breasts)

Evet:  ( breathing heavy) 

Lili: Where are you Jared?!?

( one week later)

( w/ Ja. Still on the floor)

Ja:  ( opens eyes and sees own blood) No way !! What day is it?!?,shit it's Thursday?!?

Mori:  Welcome to the undead

Ja: What?!?

Mori: You heard me ,took you long enough too wake up ,I thought you really were dead

Ja : I can't die now?!

Mori: We are cursed now by Tyler ,his little pets is what we are

Ja: Shit !!!

Mori: Tell me the truth where is Lilirose?!?

Ja: I can't tell you, you'll kill her, I won't risk that 

Mori: Not that ,but because so we can turn her too

Ja: I will still not tell you

Mori: Fine you don't have too

Ja:  Where is he?!?

Mori: Looking for you ,no waiting for you,no wait ,yeah 

Ty: Would you like to know my life?!

Ja: No !!

Mori:  No!!?

Ty: Glad your back alive!?

Ja: Ofcourse, why wouldn't I be 

Ty: You can even have children with that 

Ja: Why would you tell me this?!?

Ty: Just ,if you get back to Lilirose

( with Lilirose in bed) 

Lili: I know it's only been a few days but,( rubs own stomach) please grow healthy and strong ( closes eyes and sleeps) please....


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Rosario Rolon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
HI!! I am Rosario,a punk rock girl who loves to draw and write stories. I Have gone to 3 concerts Including 30 Seconds to Mars 4*16*2010 and 4*14*2011 I went to see Neon Trees,Anberlin great bands here!! I am a shy person at first. I have many drawings to show you all. I love anime ,and I will never stop loving it.Saw their 300 Mars show!!Also to see The Black Keys and Artic Monkeys!!

As you can see I just Love, Love anime!!No regrets I just love it!!

Zero's Mask by May-Brush

The anime couples I support are:
Simon x Nia
Allen Walker X Lenalee
Hei X Yin
Soul X Maka
Gauche X Aria
Zero X Yuuki
July X Sou
Kyrie X Morte
Edward X Winry
Allen X Road
Damon Salvatore X Elena
Firo x Ennis
Tsukune X Moka
Abel X Esther
Haji X Saya
Shu X Inori
Edgar J. x Lydia C.
Takumi X Rimi
Apos X Rin
Takumi X Ayase
Layfon X Leerin
Akihisa X Minami
Yoshi X Mizuki
Kujo x Victorique
Sousuke x Kaname
Watanuki x Karuta
Saizo X Isanami
Daryl X Tsugumi
Lavi X Miranda
Allen x Road
Gai x Mana
Gray X Juvia
Natsu x Lucy
Happy x Carla
Jellal x Erza
Gajeel x Levy
Gray x Lucy
Natsu x Erza
Clain x Nessa
Kaito x Ichika
Kouichi X Mei
Houtaru x Chitanda
Tomoya x Nagisa
add me :

Current Residence: Chicago!!
Favourite genre of music: rock,alternative rock,techno,70's- rock,bachata
Favourite style of art: , ALL ART IS AWESOME!!TamachanX3,~xxshikamaruxxluverxx
MP3 player of choice: ipod,
Favourite cartoon character: Allen Walker,Many in my Favorites!!
Personal Quotes: Thre are two kinds of Art!-SOD,

I rather be hated for who I am ,than loved for who I am not- Kurt Cobain

"I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger"-Joker

You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!

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